The Unreachable Reach Program

We are dedicated to coaching families through pain and offering a path towards reconnecting with love.

Reach for a Happy & Healthy Family

You Are Not Alone!

The Unreachable Reach

Reach for a Happy & Healthy Family

The Unreachable Reach Program

The Unreachable Reach Program offers invaluable support to parents and caregivers dealing with the challenges of raising troubled youth. We are dedicated to helping families heal from trauma and pain, offering them a path towards reconnecting with love.

Our 5-step R. E. A. C. H. process provides support, guidance, and actionable steps for change. As a Family Coach, it is essential to grasp the stress and challenges of parenting, offering strategies, tools, and a nurturing environment. With the Unreachable Reach Program, families can navigate tough situations with clarity and purpose. Reach for a Happy, Healthy Family. You are not alone.

Reach for a Happy, Healthy Family!

See If Any Of This Resonates With You...

You’re Lacking Direction: You long for a happy family life with your teen, but it’s difficult to communication with them. What was once a loving relationship has become strained or full of animosity.

You're Feeling Disillusioned: Other families seem to be making it work, but you’re not sure where it all started to go wrong. Your teen seems unreachable.

You’re Ashamed: Having your teens acting out is embarrassing and confusing. How can you begin to rebuild?

You're long for a happy family life: You've tried so many different ways to reach your teen without success. You need to establish a path.





The Reachout Process

The Unreachable Reach Program for a Happy Healthy Family

The 5 Step Unreachable Reach Process

Root Module

Families dig deep and explore the root causes behind their struggles with their youth and they begin to explore families dynamics.

Are you at a loss, searching for a way to connect with your child without it turning into a screaming match? Has your home become so stressful that you feel like you’re walking on eggshells?

The Root Module is about delving deep into understanding the underlying dynamics that shape your family relationships.

By exploring the root cause of family dynamics, you will gain insights that pave the way for meaningful connections and effective communication within the family unit. It's a journey towards fostering understanding, empathy, and harmony.

Eyes Wide Open Module

Families dive into understanding their own and their teens behaviors, both positive and negative.

No one is all good or all bad, and that includes yourself and your teen. Together, we'll explore positive personality traits, those qualities that make you and your teen shine. We'll identify the activities or actions that bring out the best.

But we won't shy away from addressing negative behaviors either. It's important to acknowledge and understand those aspects of behavior that are causing problems.

By examining these negative behaviors, we can work towards validating experiences while also working towards healthier choices.

Attack Module

Families begin to set effective boundaries while creating a plan of attack against negative influences and traits.

It can feel overwhelming when dealing with the challenges and pain that you and your child are facing. It's like trying to climb a mountain while carrying a heavy load, right? Be brave!

Firstly, you can’t focus only on your child. You need to work on yourself as well. If you are overwhelmed with pain, you can’t possibly help your child.

Now that you understand how you and your teen react to circumstances and stress, you have to begin implementing those most effective ways of boundaries, communication and attack them with force!

Chase Module

Staying committed and determined in the chase.

It's important to understand that as we get closer to reaching troubled teens, they might start to further withdraw. This withdrawal can manifest as anger, fear, or even silence. It's crucial not to back down during this critical stage.

Sometimes, when faced with resistance or challenging behaviors from ours teens, it can be tempting to give in to fear and doubt. However, now is not the time for hesitation. We must keep up the pressure and continue our pursuit.

Heal Module

Working with teens to find healthier coping mechanisms and solutions, so the healing can begin.

It can be heart-wrenching to witness our teenagers going through pain and expressing it in hurtful ways. As parents, we often ask ourselves, "How do we begin to repair the damage?

Setting clear boundaries helps create a safe and respectful environment for both you and your teen. It allows them to understand what behavior is acceptable and what is not. By clearly defining these boundaries, you provide guidance and structure to begin the healing process.

Bonus: Connect

Where families work on reconnecting for a healthier relationship.

Embracing new communication styles can greatly contribute to healing within your family dynamic. Sometimes traditional forms of communication may not be effective when dealing with a hurting teenager.

Together we explore alternative approaches such as active listening, empathy, and open-mindedness.

Encourage open dialogue where your teen feels heard and understood without judgment.

Available in 3 Deliveries

Self-Study, Group, One-on-One