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Monika Polefka-Proulx

Monika Polefka-Proulx is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats in the literary world. As an author, publisher, and coach, she brings a unique perspective to her work that resonates with readers worldwide. Monika's writing spans across both fiction and non-fiction genres, showcasing her versatility and creativity.

One of Monika's standout qualities is her special passion for stories of hope and grace. Through her writing, she weaves narratives that inspire, uplift, and touch the hearts of her audience. Whether delving into the realms of fiction or exploring real-life experiences through non-fiction pieces, Monika's dedication to spreading positivity shines through in every word she pens.

In the ever-evolving landscape of literature, Monika Polefka-Proulx stands out as a beacon of inspiration for both writers and readers alike. Her commitment to storytelling that embodies hope and grace serves as a testament to the power of words in shaping our lives and connecting us on a deeper level.

No Matter What

How Far Would You Go to Save Your Child?

Being a parent is an exciting and frightening experience. Like most mothers, Monika understood there would be ups and downs, but she expected the downs to be manageable. Her child's life would be full of love, nurturing, and unlimited possibilities!

She never expected the viciousness of others or the damage it would do to her daughter's self-esteem. Discovering her child's secret urges to harm herself was a shock that changed everything. In the blink of an eye, life spiraled out of control! Her once happy girl was replaced with a stranger. Fighting to hold on, Monika helplessly watched as her daughter descended into a life of drugs, alcohol, and exploitation. Traditional sources of support seemed to turn a blind eye. How could she save her little girl? How far would she go to save her child?
How far would you go to save your child?

Baryk Birds Great Adventure

Baryk is a little bird with a passion for video games and a habit of always running late. But Baryk's world is turned upside down when his family heads south for the winter without him. Determined to catch up with his family, Baryk sets off on an epic quest.

Baryk Birds Great Adventure will inspire and teach valuable life lessons to children aged 4-6. Through vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling, this book encourages young minds to embrace responsibility, value their loved ones, and understand the significance of teamwork.

One Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night. The thunder and lightning were a scary sight

Inside the house mom comforts me. She holds me close and rocks me gently

This rhyming story is perfect for young children and will show them how even in stormy weather, God's love can be felt. So, come along with us as we journey through this fun fulled weather book!

From the soft pitter patter of raindrops to the loud claps of thunder, this story will take you on an adventure full of love!