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We publish books that radiate grace, love, joy, and light in a world that often feels shrouded in darkness. We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire and uplift, and our aim is to provide readers with narratives that touch their hearts and bring them hope.

Recommended Reads

My Pain

for His Glory

Charlotte Hudson

Are you held captive by your grief of loved ones? Do you watch family members trapped in the depths of a glass bottle of alcohol or are trapped with end-of-life news from a cancer diagnosis?

Are you watching, feeling, and experiencing all of this turmoil, and yet you are hiding pain so deep it is drowning you? Do you feel you have no strength left, but you pray for a way out,

wondering if He is there?

This realization crashed on me for nearly three years, making my grieving so much more in-depth and leaving me in a complicated mess. My world was turned upside down, and I was headed straight to the bottom.

How can one walk uprightly with the Lord when you lack stability, direction, and hope? How can one find God in their extremities? I always knew I could pray and that God was there for me, but I needed to talk and share my pain to get the swirling thoughts out of my head.

My Pain for His Glory shares prose, thoughts, and poetry, expressing my emotional journey to find strength and healing with the Lord.

The Journey to Become the Man You’ve Been Called to Be.

Have you noticed? If you’re a male, especially an adult male, I’ll bet you have noticed. Here’s the sad truth: it’s becoming more and more difficult to know what it means to be a man, a good man in the world today.

The problem stems from the fact our current culture has made it much more complicated and confusing than it should or needs to be. Specifically, what role(s) would you say today’s male serves in our society and exactly how does one learn those roles? Ask 10 males and you’re likely to get 10 different responses.

Has it always been this difficult?

No, I don’t think it has.

In Step Into Your Legacy, author Shep Jordan takes you on a personal journey to manhood, guided and mentored by 6 remarkable men whose stories will tell you all you will ever need to know about becoming the man you’ve been called to be..

Step Into Your


A. Shepherd Jordan

The Capillaries of Christ

Marty Mitchell

Every Christian Has a vital role in the body of Christ. Do you know yours?

The body of Christ—we hear about it in church occasionally, but do we play our part every day? Many of us go through life unaware we have a specific role, unfamiliar with the expectations, and underestimating our great God-given potential

Feeling there was more to life than how he was living, author Marty Mitchell wondered about these things. Inspired to explore more about the body of Christ and his personal role in it, Marty found that God has a unique purpose for each of us in this body. He now shares his discoveries and insights with you. Written for Christians in all stages of life and faith, The Capillaries of Christ uses the symbolism of the human circulatory system to demystify what it means to be a member of the body of Christ on a personal level. This book will help you:

• Clarify your God-given purpose

• Realize you are uniquely capable and full of potential.

• Envision and cultivate the part you will play

• Live your Best Blessed Life.


Book 2 in Shady Springs Virtue Series

After two miscarriages and desperate pleading with the Lord, Sonja Rossi thinks her prayers have been answered. She finds a baby on the banks of Shady Springs Lake and persuades her husband to take part in a plan to keep the child. She confides her delicate predicament to her close friend, Mercedes Lewis, but murder threatens to rock her cradle of hope.

Mercedes Lewis should be living her best life. She started a new job and is planning her wedding. Her preparations are shaken when her first love, Garrett King, arrives in Shady Springs and strangely pretends they've never met. His wife has also confided a secret of her own. Can Mercedes keep up with all the pretense or will harboring Shady Springs' secrets sever her from those she loves the most?

A Wisp of Hope

Chrystal J Gilkey

Diary of a

Mad Caregiver

Rebecca Grace Collins

Are you angry, exhausted, depressed, and at the end of your rope caregiver? Are you guilt-ridden because of it?

Then you will definitely identify with the straightforward and undisguised messages found in Diary of a Mad Caregiver, where you will discover life-changing principles to help you make it to the finish line. As you read this book, you will realize the immeasurable value of your labor. You may even find it as a gift to care for another person made in the image of our Creator. Here's help for the task at hand!

"With the growing number of family caregivers, there is a paramount need for a book that is real. Mad Caregiver deals with family and sibling issues like finding time for privacy, self-care, rest, past wounds and the struggles of caring for a loved one" ~Angie Samples

Break Free from the stuck cycle!

Are you tired of trying but failing to move past experiences and relationships that have caused hurt or confusion? Are you caught in a cycle of repeating old behaviors that don't work? Are you frustrated and ready for something to give?

"Get Over It!" is often perceived as a derogatory way to express frustration or exhaustion. However, the book flips the phrase on its head and offers a positive and encouraging message, making thee the nicest mean words you'll ever hear or say.

Author Sally Livingston uses her psychotherapy and ministry leadership experience to show how it is actually possible to interrupt the Stuck Cycle and work the steps to make substantial change. When you follow this process, you will encounter freedom on the other side of your it.

In Get Over It, a seven-session Bible Study companion guide, Sally equips us to apply the concepts and challenges in her book. This guide includes thought-provoking questions, practical application exercises, journal pages, and prayers specific to each step in the getting over journey.

Take your first step to Get Over It today!

Get Over It

Study Guide

Sally Livingston, LMFT

Parent or Partner

A Practical Guide

Sally Livingston, LMFT

What if you could end the parent-partner PULL today? Are you struggling to balance the demands of marriage and parenting? Do you feel overwhelmed and like you cannot succeed in either role? Do you desire to stop the tug-of-war within yourself?

Parent or Partner addresses the genuine struggle of this balancing act in a culture that says you need to be everything and do everything so your children can have everything.

Author Sally Livingston uses her years of experience strengthening marriages and educating parents to bring practical solutions to this tension.

Prepare to learn how to assess your current role focus. What causes the imbalance of roles. How to move from a V to a T marriage. How to parent with the "end in mind."

You can balance your marriage and family; put the roles in order and end the tension beginning today!

There is more to life than the day-to-day chaos of this wonderful yet crazy world.

It's found within the sweetspot of God-partnered living. This 90-day planner with its daily sheet and multiple tools is used by thousands of Niccie's clients to help them get into their SWEETSPOT so their life and business is God-partnered and succeeding greater than they ever imagined.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, or lacking the joy and hope you once had?

Maybe you're looking for life purpose, feeling like there has to be more to life.

Maybe you're a faith-based entrepreneur feeling frustrated or held back from either starting an online business or next-leveling your current practice.

Take this step and experience the sweet blessings that God-partnered living offers.

Sweetspot Planner

90 Days

Niccie Kliegl

Childrens Books

The Flight

Aurora Gurnett

A delightful picture book

With eyes wide at what is before her

and what she may be about to do.


Flailing to get a steady balance, her mind races,

trying to think of ways to slow the fall.

Never give up.

“My child, if you fail once, that is a learning experience,

You can’t let one failure keep you from trying again.”

Las aventuras del muchacho de ojos azules: La Sabiduría De Un Aparcero (Libro 1)

El pequeño Randy se enfrenta con el niño más rudo de la escuela, luego se la agarra con su amigo. Cuando le cuenta a su papá sobre los acontecimientos del día, se desarrolla una poderosa lección. ¿Cómo el pequeño Randy saldrá del lío en el que se ha metido? Verás como la voz tierna de un padre se escucha de manera que no sólo ayuda a su hijo a resolver su problema sino también crea un amor perdurable.

El Poste de la Cerca
es un libro que puede disfrutarse a toda edad.

El Poste de la Cerca

Melissa Ray

True Friends

Melissa Ray

Blue-Eyed Boy Adventures: The Wisdom of a Sharecropper (Book 2)

You Can Count Your True Friends on Your Thumbs

Randy takes a job as a paperboy with his friend Charlie for the Middleton Gazette. Randy sees that his kindness, hard work and dedication to others provides him with an opportunity to compete and excel in the paper business (and in life). Along with his successes come many new “friends” but are they true friends?

True Friends
is a book that can be enjoyed by all ages. It reveals the power of love with a caution to be careful what you Believe.

Las aventuras del muchacho de ojos azules: La Sabiduría De Un Aparcero (Libro 2)

Puedes contar a los amigos verdaderos con los dedos de tu mano

Randy acepta un trabajo como periodiquero junto con su amigo Charlie en el Middleton Gazette. Randy ve que su amabilidad, trabajo duro y dedicación por otros le brinda la oportunidad de competir y destacar en el negocio del periódico (y en la vida). Junto con sus éxitos vienen nuevos "amigos", ¿pero son realmente amigos verdaderos?

Amigos Verdaderos revela el poder del amor y como ser precavido con las cosas en las que crees.

Amigos Verdaderos

Melissa Ray